Dog Walking

Pets need regular exercise to stay healthy! If you simply don't have time or you are physically unable to exercise your pet, give Pet Comforts a call.

$20 per 30 minute walk


Check-in Visits

No need to worry about pets getting lonely or departing from their regular feeding and potty break schedule when you are not home. Play time and plenty of TLC included!

$20 per 30 minute visit


Kitty Play Time / Check-in Visit

Cats need some fun too. If you are away, Pet Comforts and kitty will play! Regular exercise is very important, especially for indoor-only cats. Feeding and cat box refresh included.

$20 per 30 minute visit


Dog Bathing

Is it time for a B-A-T-H? We'll come to your home and do it!

Small dog (under 15 lb.) : $20.00
Medium dog (15 to 35 lb.) : $30.00
Large dog (over 35 lb.) : $40.00


Home Health Care

Having trouble giving your pet his/her medications? You are not alone! Pet Comforts can help you follow your veterinarian's home treatment plan. Whether it is getting Fluffy to swallow that pill or more complicated tasks like SQ fluid administration and insulin injections, we can do it!

Please call to discuss your specific needs.


Overnight Pet Sits

While you are away your pets will appreciate being cared for in your own home -- a safe and familiar environment. A Pet Comforts staff member will be there all night to provide loads of TLC for your pets and to make sure your home is secure.

Please call for availability and pricing or click here for more details.