Yes, we know this looks crazy!

Why is an owner-manager less expensive than an employee? It is because Federal law requires that an employee on a duty shift of less than 24 hours must be paid for sleep time. That only applies to employees, not to the owner-manager.

But we wanted to give you choices

If the owner-manager is not already booked on the day(s) you need, then the lowest cost option is available. As you might expect, this is in high demand so we advise making your appointment well in advance, if possible.

The Mini Overnight Sit is an intermediate option. We do a one hour visit in the evening and and a one hour early morning visit. That way your pets are put to bed with loads of TLC and they start the next day with with the same care and attention. We do a security check during both visits, turn lights on/off as needed and bring in any newspapers or packages that may have been delivered.

... and we want to be as flexible as possible.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your specific needs! We understand that some circumstances can require creative solutions.