"I met Angela Kesterke a few years ago at the animal hospital when my beloved cat Ernie was aging and became ill. I was traveling abroad quite often and our "Angel" took amazing care of Ernie in our home while we traveled. At that time, we discovered that he was diabetic. She came to the house, fed him, spent time with him and gave him his shots. He finally succumbed to cancer after several years as a diabetic. He lived a wonderful 22 years with us, traveling the world, and finally resting here at the end of his life. Angela was the kind heart that cared for him at the end, as well.  I trust her and anyone that she trusts to care for my furbabies. She now cares for my newer edition, Maypol. Angela is definitely an Angel!"

Kay Poltorak
Lake City


"I have two small Dachshunds and I was very careful about selecting a pet sitter. A friend of mine introduced me to Angela Kesterke. The first time she stayed with them I was very nervous but when I came home and saw how happy my babies were, we were sold! Her services are beyond what you would expect from an ordinary sitter. She loves each and every pet in their own way."

Doris Johnson
Lake City

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"Angela Kesterke has been pet sitting for us for several years now. As a rescue foster home, we have anywhere between 6-8 dogs in our home at any given time. They each have their own personalities, of course, and can be a rowdy bunch. We have been SO blessed to have Angela as our pet-sitter. Our dogs responded well to Angela from the beginning of our association, and not one of them has ever shown signs of stress upon our return. She loves each one of our dogs, as if it (she) was her own pet. That she also has veterinary technician training is an added bonus!

Since we began using Angela's services, we can vacation with confidence that our beloved K9 kids are being well-cared for - talked to, exercised, played with and fed on schedule. We utilize the overnight pet sitting service, since our (spoiled) dogs are accustomed to sleeping with a human. The only DOWNside is that all of Angela's customers evidently feel the same way about her, so we have to book her services way in advance to avoid being beaten out of the schedule.

As you can tell, we HIGHLY and enthusiastically recommend Pet Comforts LLC, and Angela Kesterke! There is no way we would ever board our dogs elsewhere, when we have a professional, trustworthy pet sitter like Angela to watch them at our home!"

Nina & Jerry Howd
Lake City, FL