Princess Gracie

Gracie belongs to one of our best Pet Comforts friends. We are sure Gracie doesn't mind being called a princess because "if she looks like a princess and she acts like a princess then ..."

But Gracie didn't start out that way. As a kitten her appearance was a little bit strange. The consensus of opinion was that she looked more like a baby 'possum than a kitten.  But time and wonderful care from her pet parent Nancy turned her into the beautiful cat she is today!

Recently Gracie had a health scare -- or to be more accurate, her pet parent did. Fortunately Gracie's mom was very observant. Although kitty didn't have a history of eating strange things, a necklace that was found out of place and broken gave cause for action.

Off to the vet, just to be safe! Sure enough, the X-rays showed that the Gracie had indeed eaten part of the "bling." Fortunately it was small enough to pass through, but it serves as a reminder to us all that cats and dogs can (and will!) eat the strangest things.

When it comes to foreign object ingestion quick action can save your pet's life. When in doubt, call your veterinarian for specific advice.

For more information on symptoms of foreign object ingestion see this online article from the Pet Health Network.